Programs from The Retreat at Pacifica


February 4, 11, and 25, 2021(Thursdays)
We have become more aware than ever of our American psyche and collective suffering due to cultural complexes that include raciality. Our racial complex has caused our society much pain in all ways imaginable since the beginning days of the Middle Passage.
Hosted Online

March 3rd – 7th, 2021
Whether you are new to somatic movement or an established Registered Somatic Movement Professional, we’ve crafted a conference with opportunities for all.
Hosted Online

March: 4, 11, 18, 25, 2021 (Thursdays)
Este curso presenta la historia y emergencias actuales de la psicología comunitaria y de las psicologías Indígenas en diversas zonas geopolíticas, principalmente en el Sur Global. Revisaremos conceptos tales como colonialidad, opresión, etnia y racismo, justicia social, epistémica y ecológica y buen vivir (sumak kawsay).
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March 5–7, 2021 & March 8 – May 31, 2021
In 2016, three scholars and creatives affiliated with Pacifica Graduate Institute came together to write a book exploring everyday ways to access and enhance creativity. After sending seven essays each back and forth across the world to each other, Deborah (in her 30s and a Pacifica alum), Jennifer (in her 50s and a Pacifica alum and adjunct faculty member), and Dennis (in his 70s and a Pacifica emeritus faculty member) stepped back and took a look at what they had produced.
Hosted Online

April 5 - June 11, 2021
A ten-week online course providing a comprehensive exploration of the three major transformative transpersonal principles in archetypal astrology: Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto.
Hosted Online by Pacifica Graduate Institute and the Institute of Transpersonal and Archetypal Studies (ITAS)

April 24, May 1, 8, 15, 2021 (Saturdays)
The ancient mythic story of Eros and Psyche tracks the initiatory journey of the Sacred Marriage through sacrifice, loss, labor and redemption to claim our deeper selves. The myth provides a portal for the exploration of our inner world and guides us on a path of discernment leading to our own unique place in the universe. It offers the tasks each of us requires to bring love to our souls. The joining of Eros (love) and Psyche (soul) brings forth new life.
Hosted Online

May 6, 13, and 20, 2021 (Thursdays)
Human development has now crossed an historic threshold, in which our activities are, literally, changing the course of Earth’s evolution. We have entered the age of the Anthropocene. Each year brings with it personal and collective trauma emerging from our behaviors towards the environment.
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June 19, 2021 (Saturday)
At the foundation of Jungian depth psychology lies an imaginative inter-play between two mysterious agents – “consciousness” and the expansive potentialities of a non-local “unconscious.” C.G. Jung spent his life investigating the relationship between them, with increasing interest in the territories that compose expanded consciousness and “non-conscious” states.
Hosted Online

June 28 – August 13, 2021
An Online 6-Week Course with Craig Chalquist, Kelly Carlin, Kwame Scruggs, Erik Davis, and Mary Wood
This program will be hosted Online

July 31–September 4, 2021
To study myths is to access the secret opening where our personal experience meets the archetypal patterns of the psyche. No symbolic art offers so potent a way of exploring this meeting place than astrology.
Hosted Online

October 4 – December 10, 2021
Known by many names – psychedelics, entheogens, sacred or plant medicines, allies, hallucinogens – the substances opening the psyche to the depths of the personal and collective unconscious are once again in the news in the midst of what has been called a “psychedelics renaissance.”
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