Programs from The Retreat at Pacifica


March 22, 2019
The Pacifica Experience: A One-Day Introduction to Pacifica’s Degree Programs has been designed to give prospective graduate students a comprehensive introduction and orientation to the distinctive educational features of the school.
Hosted by the Office of Admissions at Pacifica Graduate Institute’s Ladera Lane Campus

March 23 or March 24, 2019
In this one-day workshop, we experience ways of transforming nightmare images to serve a more constructive purpose. As we delve into the healing potential of dreams, specific approaches are offered that support our psychological and physical well-being.
at Pacifica Graduate Institute’s Ladera Lane Campus

March 24, 2019
In this presentation Dr. Kemp re-imagines the dehumanizing trends of modern history through four contemporary film narratives: There Will Be Blood, Apocalypse Now, American Psycho, and 2001: A Space Odyssey.
Presented by The Joseph Campbell Foundation Mythological RoundTable® Group of OPUS at Pacifica Graduate Institute’s Ladera Lane Campus - Classroom G

March 22-24 | December 9-10 | August 1-4, 2019
A 9-Month Certificate with Maureen Murdock, Jennifer Selig, and Daphne Dodson
at Pacifica Graduate Institute's Ladera Lane Campus

April 4-7, 2019
Join us for this four-day conference featuring an exhibition of C.G. Jung’s Red Book and Black Books hosted at the University of California, Santa Barbara.
University of California, Santa Barbara

April 8 – May 27, 2019
An online 8-week Course with Craig Chalquist
Online Program

June 21-23, 2019
The vision and mission of Pacifica Graduate Institute emerged from the counter-cultural revolution of the 1970s – a wave of ‘altered consciousness’ that championed not only new ways of thinking about society and governance, but also self and the latent possibilities within the psyche.
at Pacifica Graduate Institute's Ladera Lane Campus

July 12-14, 2019
Dream Tending is a life practice that healers, storytellers, and poets have known by many different names for thousands of years. Passed on through generations, the art of tending living dream images emerges when the call to the see the natural world as alive becomes urgent.
Hosted at Pacifica Graduate Institute's Ladera Lane Campus

August 3, 2019
A “flip,” writes Jeffrey J. Kripal, is “a reversal of perspective,” “a new real,” often born of an extreme, life-changing experience. The Flip is Kripal’s ambitious, visionary program for unifying the sciences and the humanities to expand our minds, open our hearts, and negotiate a peaceful resolution to the culture wars.
at Pacifica Graduate Institute's Ladera Campus, Barrett Center

September 5-8 | November 4-6, 2019 | February 28-March 1 | May 4-6, 2020
Featuring Donald Kalsched, Mark Epstein, Pat Ogden, Ruth Lanius, Allan Schore, Joseph Cambray, Jeffrey Kiehl, Fanny Brewster, Jeffrey Kripal, and Elizabeth Krohn
at Pacifica Graduate Institute’s Ladera Lane Campus


January 7 – March 29, 2019
This unique program, offered online over the course of 3 months, has the distinct advantage of combining three perspectives from three internationally renowned authors, educators, and transformational leaders in the fields of Ecopsychology and Ecotherapy.
Online Program

April 29-May 2 | Aug. 19-22 | Oct. 21-24 | Jan. 13-16, 2019
A Limited-Enrollment Intensive with Stephen Aizenstat. The Dream Tending Certificate Program is a limited-enrollment program that takes place over four, four-day sessions.
at Pacifica Graduate Institute’s Lambert Road Campus