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May 29, June 5, June 12, and June 19, 2020 (4 weeks online)
Our accompaniment of each other and of the natural world weaves the fabric of a caring society, the cloth essential to creating commons. Accompaniment requires radical availability, steadfast witnessing, self-reflexivity, attunement to others’ needs and desires, and committed response-ability.
Hosted Online

September 18, 2020 – January 14, 2021
This in-depth intensive explores various ways depth and archetypal psychologies can help us answer the poet Mary Oliver’s key question about vocation—“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?"
Residential at Pacifica Graduate Institute's Ladera Lane Campus and Online

October 5 - November 20, 2020
A six-week online course providing an initiation into archetypal astrology. Learn how to use archetypal astrology to better understand the role of archetypes in your life. Explore how archetypes manifest in the arts and personal experience.
Hosted Online by Pacifica Graduate Institute and the Institute of Transpersonal and Archetypal Studies (ITAS)

Upcoming Retreat Programs

May 30, 2020
Dr. Stephen Aizenstat will host a live online workshop that will teach participants how to manage fear, anxiety and sleepless nights, based on the tools of Dream Tending. Participants will learn how to manage their stress and anxiety, regulate their fear, boost immunity with dream tending skills, and work with nightmare themes. The program will be held in a live, online format.
Hosted Online

July 11-12, 2020
Participants in this two-day Online Workshop will build practical skills grounded in traditional and emerging methods of dreamwork. The Dream Tending methods developed by Dr. Stephen Aizenstat build on the methods of association, amplification, and animation pioneered by Freud and Jung, and expanded upon by James Hillman and Marion Woodman.
Hosted Online

January 25 - April 16, 2021
This unique program, offered online over the course of 3 months, has the distinct advantage of combining three perspectives from three internationally renowned authors, educators, and transformational leaders in the fields of Ecopsychology and Ecotherapy.
Online Program

March 5–7, 2021 & March 8 – May 21, 2021
In 2016, three scholars and creatives affiliated with Pacifica Graduate Institute came together to write a book exploring everyday ways to access and enhance creativity. After sending seven essays each back and forth across the world to each other, Deborah (in her 30s and a Pacifica alum), Jennifer (in her 50s and a Pacifica alum and adjunct faculty member), and Dennis (in his 70s and a Pacifica emeritus faculty member) stepped back and took a look at what they had produced.
at Pacifica Graduate Institute’s Ladera Lane Campus with an optional certificate hosted Online