Featured Keynote Presentations

The Possible Human Emerges

Jean Houston, Ph.D.

This presentation will build on my research and lifetime of work in the field of enhancing human capacities. You will learn how to gain access to hidden images, ideas, and sensory-based memories that increase your potential. You will be introduced to a comprehensive theory for conscious creativity, In addition you will be guided through an experiential learning sequence designed to actualize your creative potential.

Through story and humor, you will learn to draw on your inner resources and employ strategies that have been used successfully by writers and artists, teachers and therapists, actors and athletes, scientists and business executives. Yes. This presentation is a capstone, infused with fresh and contemporary resonance, of what I have been offering to people worldwide for over fifty years.

Dream Tending for the World: The Story-Web of Deep Imagination

Stephen Aizenstat, Ph.D.

There are many kinds of homecoming. Coming home to your relationships with elders, ancestors, and beloveds opens portals to the Story-Web of Deep Imagination. Psyche’s authentic desire for story fuses your life with purpose and the emergent possible.

In this presentation, I will offer tools and methods for deepening your relationship with dreams and the Story-Web of Deep Imagination. Through dreamwork and active imagination, you will discover what storylines shape your genuine and generative calling. In the world of today, aligning with your authentic stories is central to living a life of purpose.