Programs from The Retreat at Pacifica


July 11-12, 2020
Participants in this two-day Online Workshop will build practical skills grounded in traditional and emerging methods of dreamwork. The Dream Tending methods developed by Dr. Stephen Aizenstat build on the methods of association, amplification, and animation pioneered by Freud and Jung, and expanded upon by James Hillman and Marion Woodman.
Hosted Online

Friday, July 24, 2020
The current Coronavirus Pandemic has been called the “Umbra Mundi”—a shadow passing over the world, and we can all feel the heightened fear and vulnerability that this shadow of death constellates in the personal as well as collective psyche.
Hosted Online

June 20, 2020
Witchcraft is a term with a terrifying and contested history while being subject to profound revisioning in recent decades. It is practiced on the margins by the marginal. It is overlooked in the sense of being pushed out of officially sanctioned knowing, and also over-looked-at in the sense of being scrutinized too harshly by mainstream authority.
Hosted Online

July 31, 2020
In 1933, the Berlin Jewish journalist Charlotte Beradt began collecting dreams of ordinary Germans until 1939, when she fled to the United States. Beradt’s remarkable compilation shows how the ordinary objects and experiences of daily life can suddenly “turn traitor” in their transformation into monstrosity.
Hosted Online

August 5th, 4:00pm (PST)
PGIAA Board President, Pacifica Alumn, and Founder of New Earth, Harry was on the TEDxSantaBarbara stage in 2018 and returns to talk about the confluence of COVID and Social Justice. We’ll discuss understanding the transformation that needs to happen as we come to grips with the amount of work facing us moving forward.
Hosted Online

May 29, June 5, June 12, and June 19, 2020 (4 weeks online)
Our accompaniment of each other and of the natural world weaves the fabric of a caring society, the cloth essential to creating commons. Accompaniment requires radical availability, steadfast witnessing, self-reflexivity, attunement to others’ needs and desires, and committed response-ability.
Hosted Online

June 6, 2020
This Zoom presentation (no fee required) featuring keynote speaker and moderator, Linda Carter, along with 5 panelists, focuses on the value of interconnection and companionship through the Jungian method of amplification through story and image with the goal of decreasing isolation. Art, image, story, ritual and myth have served to transmit culture, connect to ancestors linking generations and have the potential to offer comfort through a sense of belonging and community in the here and now.
Hosted Online

May 30, 2020
Dr. Stephen Aizenstat will host a live online workshop that will teach participants how to manage fear, anxiety and sleepless nights, based on the tools of Dream Tending. Participants will learn how to manage their stress and anxiety, regulate their fear, boost immunity with dream tending skills, and work with nightmare themes. The program will be held in a live, online format.
Hosted Online

Nov. 10-13, 2019 | Feb. 9-12, 2020 | May 10-13, 2020 | Aug. 9-12, 2020
A Limited-Enrollment Intensive with Stephen Aizenstat. The Dream Tending Certificate Program is a limited-enrollment program that takes place over four, four-day sessions.
at Pacifica Graduate Institute’s Lambert Road Campus

Sept. 5-8 | Nov. 4-6, 2019 | Feb. 28-Mar. 1 | May 4-6, 2020
Featuring Donald Kalsched, Mark Epstein, Pat Ogden, Ruth Lanius, Allan Schore, Joseph Cambray, Jeffrey Kiehl, Fanny Brewster, Jeffrey Kripal, and Elizabeth Krohn
at Pacifica Graduate Institute’s Ladera Lane Campus