BONUS: Given the extraordinary state of the world, Dream Tending is offering for the first time a new in-workshop personalized opportunity to Dream Share. What does this mean?

Sign up for the Spring Workshop, scheduled on March 27 & March 28 , 2021, and you can submit your dream to us that is most “pressing” for attention, in either written or video form. The length of a written dream can be up to 200 words, while the length of a video can be up to one minute. You may express any form of dream from nightmares, night terrors to recurring dreams. In response we will ask questions about your dream that will allow you to explore your dream more fully.

To submit your dream after registering please send via email to

You will be emailed some open ended questions from skilled dream tenders for your further inquiry into the dream. Dream themes will be discussed at the Workshop.

We look forward to sharing this unique experience to address the many challenges we face individually and collectively in today’s times.